Tropical Camouflage

(+-) Project text

The art of deceiving has gained a new tool with machine learning and its abilities to recognize and recreate patterns. We thought it might be useful for generating camouflage. In search for a test environment, we came across ‚Tropical Islands‘, a indoor water park in the eastern countryside of Germany, that features an ideal recreation off the perfectly imagined vacation paradise. A fake of an phantasmal image created by advertisements and staged beauty shots. Here, Jean Beaudrillard’s 1981 constituted philosophical treatise ‚Simulacres et Simulation‘ seems more existent than ever. ‚Simulacres‘ once referred to a representation of an object left behind. With Beaudrillard the Simulacres become the objects themselves, recurring only back to themselves.

We fed an GAN algorithm thousands of tourist photographs and created ‚Tropical Camouflage‘.
A fake of a fake of a fake.


[by Benjamin Unterluggauer, Joscha Brüning]