An exhibition by Industrial Design students of the Muthesius University during Milan Design Week 23 shown at Alcova, which deals with the metrics of large-scale change and individual consumption. A series of 6 products that process and deliver a measured portion of different, valuable and necessary commodities such as clean water, warmth/-cold, energy and “matter” to one household.

Most of the discourse about sustainability, climate change and the subsequent consequences towards consumption and consumer behavior is led on a large scale, global level. In addition to governmental programs about new ways of consumption, we are particularly interested in a “bottom-up” approach to deliver bite-sized solutions for individuals.

Students: Christa Carstensen, Jesse Jakobsen, Karl Sperhake, Paul Meyer, Qiaoyi Dai, Bo Kong, Britta Huck, John Feldmann, Arvid Riemeyer, Ben Wesch, Konrad Ruben Freyer

Curated by Martin Postler & Benjamin Unterluggauer

Photos: Arvid Riemeyer
Visuals: Falko Behrens
Spatial Design: MOKIT

  • 01 Coffee / 02 Solar / 03 Dust Particles / 04 Rain Water / 05 Energy / 06 Cooling

  • Animations created for each project by Falko Behrens

  • Harvest / Heat Energy by Jesse Jakobsen, Karl Sperhake, Paul Meyer