Harvest is an exhibition by students of the industrial design department of the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design at the Milan Design Week 2023 which deals with the metrics of large-scale change and individual consumption. A series of 6 products that process and deliver a measured portion of different, valuable and necessary commodities such as clean water, warmth/-cold, energy and “matter” to one household.

Most of the discourse about sustainability, climate change and the subsequent consequences towards consumption and consumer behavior is led on a large scale, global level. In addition to governmental programs about new ways of consumption, we are particularly interested in a “bottom-up” approach to deliver bite-sized solutions for individuals.

Prof. Martin Postler
Benjamin Unterluggauer

Photos: Arvid Riemeyer
Visuals: Falko Behrens
Spatial Design: MOKIT

  • 01 Coffee / 02 Solar / 03 Dust Particles / 04 Rain Water / 05 Energy / 06 Cooling

  • Animations created for each project by Falko Behrens

  • Harvest / Heat Energy by Jesse Jakobsen, Karl Sperhake, Paul Meyer