Our enthusiasm for sports cars with a high cylinder count starts in our childhood. But we can‘t continue to live with pistons in our heads so we need new stars on our children‘s bedroom posters. Låttvagn playfully demonstrates that electromobility has to become affordable for the masses, similar to what IKEA did with furniture design. The iconic dolly can be combined with the Låttvagn retrofit kit. A strong hammer drill, also from the Swedish Giant, serves as the motor. Both, the drill and the dolly can be used regularly afterwards.

Together with: Henrieke Neumeyer, Hansol Kim, Xin Chen

  • From left to right: axle, seat, gas and brake handle, dolly, hammer drill.

  • A Bowden cable controlled hammer drill drives one wheel through a freewheel adapter.

  • Steering with the feet. Braking is controlled by lifting the lever.

  • Låttvagn is a regular IKEA dolly paired with a steering axle.