Tropical Camouflage



machine learning, fashion design


We fed an GAN algorithm thousands of tourist photographs and created a camouflage suit, deployable in the same vacation destination said photos were taken in.

The art of deceiving has gained a new tool with machine learning and its ability to recognize and recreate patterns. But when used covertly dangers lurk: ‘Mass surveillance or social media manipulation‘ are just a few of the negative headlines. To draw attention to these risks, the project presents a real application scenario. An indoor water park in the countryside of Germany is used as a test environment. It features an ideal recreation of the perfectly imagined vacation paradise - a fake of an phantasmal image created by advertisements and staged beauty shots. Here, Jean Beaudrillard’s philosophical treatise ‚Simulacres et Simulation‘ seems more existent than ever. A sort of hyperreal copy were the original is unable to be located.

Demonstration of the suit's capabilities

'Tropical Islands', indoor water park and wellness resort in Germany

Demonstration of the suit's capabilities

Close up view of the camouflage suit

Tourist photos of the indoor water park that were fed into the GAN

Generated patterns by the GAN algorithm