E/A 2020



Due to COVID-19, the anual show of the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design had to adapt. Instead of being centralized around the campus, the many events, exhibitions, and performances were held around the city of Kiel, Germany. The accompanying website served as a meeting hub. It featured an interactive map of all the physical exhibitions, a project archive, and a podcast section. Additionally billboards around the city were rented for extra exhinition space.

Organization and concept of the anual show by Neele Marie Denker and Paula Koch.

Together with: Jonas Fischer, Leo Sell, Maren Zünkler, Sören Herber, many many more

  • A dragable and zoomable collection of projects created between 2019/2020 at the Muthesius University of Fine Art and Design.

  • The Landing-page featuring an interactive map, a podcast section, and random projects from students.

  • A view of a single project.

  • Art piece by Alvar Bohrmann. Photo by Sören Herber.

  • Poster and E/A 2020 CI design by Jonas Fischer & Leo Sell.

  • More about this poster wall here.